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Rainco India is a represent firm of Rainco (Pvt) Ltd., a company of world fame for high quality and durable umbrellas and related indoors and outdoors products under the brand name of Rainco. The company backed with total of 45 years in sales and marketing and present in Many countries worldwide. Rainco India is being appointed as a distributor for Axe Brand Universal Oil in India since, 2010 and backed by professionals with of 20 years of experience in sales and marketing. The team of sales personnel has knowledge in marketing Axe Brand Universal Oil way back since 2007.

Axe Brand Universal Oil manufactured by Leung Kai Fook Medical Company of Singapore. A product of Ayurveda ingredients, with a market presence for more than 70 years in the world and sold in more than 50 countries. The magnanimity of the product speaks itself without any exaggeration of the Quality and Standard which has sustained in the world arena for seven decades, sustainability and acceptance of the product by people of all countries and all folks of life. This proves that Axe Brand Universal Oil is also universal in use and accepted universally.

The Product range includes, Axe Brand Universal Oil, Gold Medal Medicated Oil, The Red Flower Oil, and the Inhaler.

Axe Brand Universal Oil products are, Non-greasy, Neutral in colour, Non-Sticky, Skin Friendly, Non-Staining and most of all has a very gentle and a smooth fragrance which also will suite any ones aptitude and attitude and the pleasant odor does not interrupt and disturb any atmosphere or environment. It suits all seasons and all moods.

Rainco India proudly announces that as the Distributor solely committed in handling and distributing Axe Brand Universal Oil which caters to the immediate needs of their clients in all possible way of customer satisfaction and service.

Our Customers And Clients Are The Purpose Of Our Presence In The Trade. We yearn to serve them continuously. Axe Brand Universal Oil “For fast relief of cold & headache”