Rainco India a represented company of Rainco Products world wide, also is an importer and distributor of Axe oil in India. The company backed with total of 45 years in marketing, has been in the Indian market since 2010 backed with personalities with experience of 20 years of marketing and who also has experience in Introducing, Test marketing and Marketing Axe Oil way back since 2007.

This company was commenced into operation in the year 2010 as a Marketing concern, and was involved in the imports of consumer goods in the inception. As time passed by, the founder of Rainco India with his experience of test marketing and introducing Axe Oil in Indian market since 2007, ventured in to marketing of the product under the guidance of the Regional Distributor approved by the mother company Leung Kai Medical Company.

Rainco India with the expertise of a marketing background of 20 years, has in a very short span of time reached high performance levels and commands good ground control and most importantly nurtures a very dignified cliental list who are ardent supporters and participators in the affairs of the company in the Market.


Rainco India is a solely committed company in the handling and distribution of products manufactured by M/s. Leung Kai Fook Medical Company., Singapore. RAinco India caters to the immediate needs of their clients in any possible way of customer satisfaction and service. Our Customers And Clients Are The Purpose Of Our Presence In The Trade. We yearn to serve them continuously.

We are always open to expansive ideas and need to expand wide. We are open to expansion owing to which we look forward to inquiries for Distributorship and other means of Sales Operations with us in marketing our products In India.

Our Administrative skills and facilities of operations have proved and earned high esteem with our clients and we have a track record of 0% damages in transit of goods and our deliveries are prompt. Our Sales Policies are very dynamic which on the long run increases bonded relationships with growth in business which our clients enjoy. Our Sales team is of resound experience with decades of experience and they believe in, customer relations is the privy objective and they are the purpose of us being in the market.

The Product

"Medicines that come from the Earth - ESSENTIAL OILS - drawn from flowers and grasses, trees and leaves - have natural healing qualities and have healed many"...

Axe Oil, a homely product of Ayurvedic ingredients with over a market presence of more than 70 years in the world and present in more than 50 countries is itself a magnificent proof of the product quality and standards. The magnanimity of the product speaks itself without any exaggeration which has sustained in the world arena for seven decades for Quality, sustainability and acceptance of the product by people of all countries and all ways of life, be it Asian, European, Western, Middle Eastern, African and South East Asian. This proves that The Axe Brand Universal Oil is also universal in use and accepted Universally.